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  • Foreign Affairs

    Carnegie Corporation Grant Project: Proxy Violence in the Arab Region and Beyond

    In coordination with the Carnegie Corporation of New York, The Center's two year long project Proxy Violence in the Arab Region and Beyond Our aims to define the role of state and non-state actors in spreading violence through proxy actors. Some of the questions we will address are: Do we have the statecraft to deal with the complexity of this reality? What is the harm of proxy violence and do we understand it? What will the benefits be of better understanding the role of proxy violence in warfare, radicalization, and the spread of ideology? The Center will bring together a cross-disciplinary and international group of policymakers, practitioners, scholars, NGOs and others to apply their knowledge and understanding of the region to address these questions.

    Law & Security

    Terrorism Prosecution Database

    The Center on National Security’s Terrorism Prosecution Database is the country’s most comprehensive data and analysis project on federal terrorism prosecutions. Through database-enabled research, we monitor the progress of terrorism cases throughout the U.S. judicial system and delve into critical topics, such as radicalization trends, socio-economic factors, legal strategies, and sentencing issues for those accused of terror-related crimes. The Center’s terrorism database and connected reports have become an invaluable tool for lawyers, journalists and students of terrorism.

    Cyber War & Cyber Peace

    The CNS Cyber War and Cyber Peace Program will draw upon our expertise, contacts, and outreach to focus on the intersection of technology, security, governance and freedom in the digital realm. While efforts have been made to bridge the gap between the government and private sector to address cyber conflict, there lacks a centralized hub to bring these three essential pillars together. Working collaboratively with a number of exciting new initiatives in the cyber realm, we would like to enhance and strengthen the gaps between the public and private sector along with the citizenry. With this project, CNS aims to change the conversation proliferating around cyber peace and security, ensuring that a larger constituency is represented to seek sustainable solutions to the current challenges posed to our security, democracy and freedom.

    Civil Liberties

    Justice Initiative

    The Justice Initiative is a project on National Security and the law which has included an ongoing workshop on domestic terrorism, as well as a book project on reform within the national security state.

    Center on National Security Women’s Group

    The CNS Women’s Group engages a group of women with professions and interests in: policy, national security, journalism, the arts, and academia. The group meets periodically to discuss current issues and regularly invites distinguished speakers to lead topic-specific conversations.