John O. Brennan - Distinguished Fellow For Global Security and Fordham University Alum

Tricia Bacon - Fellow

Peter Bergen - Fellow

Don Borelli - Fellow

Andrew Dalack - Legal Fellow

Joshua L. Dratel - Legal Fellow

Thomas A. Durkin - Legal Fellow

Barton Gellman - Fellow

Donald Glascoff - Fellow

Jonathan Hafetz - Legal Fellow

Jennifer Indig - Senior Fellow

Assaf Moghadam - Fellow

Michel Paradis - Legal Fellow and Fordham Law Alum

Robert Windrem - Fellow

Lawrence Wright - Fellow


John O. Brennan, FCRH ' 77 - CNS Distinguished Fellow For Global Security

Congressman Jerrold Nadler, FLS '78

Michel Paradis, FLS’04 - CNS Legal Fellow


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Affiliated Speakers

Anna Kovalenko

Advisor to the Ukrainian Parliamentary Committee for National Security and Defense and civic activist

October 2018

Women’s Group Breakfast

Marcia Biggs

Special Correspondent for PBS NewsHour

*2018 Marie Colvin Front Page Award for Foreign Correspondence

November 2018

Women’s Group Breakfast

Francesca Mannocchi

Journalist and Director (ISIS, Tomorrow.)

April 2019

Women’s Group Breakfast