Center on National Security
at Fordham Law

Balancing Security and Justice

The Center on National Security (CNS) is a non-partisan, educational think tank dedicated to providing thought-leaders, policy makers, and the public with the tools to better understand today’s national security issues.



The Center produces several electronic morning news services that increasingly reach a critical mass of the national security establishment and the public.


The Soufan Group Morning Brief
Daily newsletter covering the most important national security, terrorism, and foreign policy stories of the day

The Stroz Friedberg Cyber Brief
Weekly roundup of cyber news highlighting developments in cybersecurity law and policy

Vital Interests
Weekly forum addressing the public thirst for knowledge about today’s foreign policy challenges



The Center contributes to an informed citizenry by providing legal analysis and sociological data on terrorism indictments in the United States. The Terrorism Prosecution Database is the country’s most comprehensive data and analysis project on federal terrorism prosecutions. Through database-enabled research, we monitor the progress of terrorism cases throughout the U.S. judicial system and delve into critical topics, such as radicalization trends, socio-economic factors, legal strategies, and sentencing issues for those accused of terror-related crimes. The Center’s terrorism database and connected reports have become an invaluable tool for lawyers, journalists and students of terrorism.


The Center regularly hosts public events, both evening and day-long conferences, on national security and foreign policy topics such as: drones and targeted killings, surveillance law and policy, the evolving military, cyber security, international terrorism, US-Middle East policy, and the conflicts between the executive branch, the courts, and Congress. These programs facilitate open dialogue on controversial and important policy issues, bringing them to the forefront of the national security debate and promoting public conversation. It is a core practice of the Center to convene policy workshops, which include a wide range of perspectives and stakeholders, facilitating dialogue with the public and private sectors. Our foreign policy work has made the Center a go-to destination for off-the-record discussions among officials and others.

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We have worked hard to establish a strong base of philanthropic partners, to whom we are incredibly grateful – but we rely on the support of individuals like you to continue the high quality of our work. It is because of your support that our research and public events are free and accessible to the general public.

Your generous donations allow us to continue to partner with the most influential thinkers and practitioners in the fields of national security, foreign policy, and cyber security, as well as to share their expertise with you.

Donate electronically with an option for the Company Gift Matching program, or send a check directly to the following address:

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Jobs & Internships

CNS brings on numerous Fordham Law students each year who are an integral part of our research team. Students regularly assist in tracking terrorism cases, examining legal documents associated with terrorism prosecutions, and extracting pertinent details to help keep our terrorism database current. They also assist in a variety of research projects that relate to the core mission and various initiatives of CNS.

Additionally, CNS offers internships to undergraduate and high school students who assist in a wide variety of research projects on behalf of CNS.

Please contact for job and internship inquiries.