12/14/18 - Morning Brief: Senate Votes to End Support for Saudi Arabia in Yemen

12/13/18 - Morning Brief: Michael Cohen Sentenced to Three Years in Prison

12/12/18 - Morning Brief: Michael Flynn Asks Judge for Leniency, Suggests F.B.I. “Trap Tactics”

12/11/18 - Morning Brief: U.S. Sanctions North Korean Officials Over Human Rights Abuses

12/10/18 - Morning Brief: Mueller’s Office Takes Action On Manafort, Cohen

12/7/18 - Morning Brief: Former Attorney General William Barr is Trump's Top Choice to Replace Sessions

12/6/18 - Morning Brief: Senators Push For Bipartisan Deal Targeting Saudi Crown Prince

12/5/18 - Morning Brief: Mueller Seeks No Prison Time for Flynn, Citing ‘Substantial Assistance’

12/4/18 - Morning Brief: Qatar Announces Withdrawal From OPEC

12/3/18 - Morning Brief: G-20 Agrees on Trade and Migration

11/30/18 - Morning Brief: Michael Cohen Pleads Guilty To Lying To Congress

11/29/18 - Morning Brief: Senate Advances Bill To End U.S. Involvement In Yemen

11/28/18 - Morning Brief: Senate Summons Pompeo and Mattis Over Saudi Arabia, Khashoggi and Yemen

11/27/18 - Morning Brief: Mueller's Office Says Manafort Lied To Investigators

11/26/18 - Morning Brief: Migrants Approaching U.S. Border Tear Gassed

11/20/18 - Morning Brief: Federal Judge Blocks Trump's Asylum Ban

11/19/18 - Morning Brief: White House and State Department Yet to Back CIA Finding That Saudi Crown Prince Ordered Khashoggi Killed

11/16/18 - Morning Brief: Inadvertent Filing Suggests Julian Assange Has Been Charged

11/15/18 - Morning Brief: Saudi Arabia Seeks Death Penalty For Five Suspects in Khashoggi Killing

11/14/18 - Morning Brief: Trump Administration Preparing for High-Level Staff Shakeup

11/13/18 - Morning Brief: Satellite Images Reveal Hidden North Korean Missile Bases

11/9/18 - Morning Brief: Trump Administration Tightens Asylum Rules

11/8/18 - Morning Brief: Jeff Sessions Forced Out as Attorney General, Matthew Whitaker Takes Over as Acting Attorney General

11/7/18 - Morning Brief: New York Port Authority Attack: Akayed Ullah Guilty of 2017 ISIS-Inspired Bombing

11/6/18 - Morning Brief: Facebook Removes Dozens of Pages as U.S. Warns of Russian Efforts to Target Voters

11/5/18 - Morning Brief: U.S. Reimposes Sanctions on Iran's Oil and Financial Sectors

11/2/18- Morning Brief: Trump Plans to Block Migrants From Seeking Asylum at the Border

11/1/18 - Morning Brief: Britain Backs U.S. Calls for Ceasefire in Yemen

10/31/18 - Morning Brief: President Trump Floats Executive Order to End Birthright Citizenship

10/30/18 - Morning Brief: Trump Administration Deploys 5,200 Troops To The Mexico Border

10/29/18 - Morning Brief: American ISIS Suspect is Freed in Bahrain After Being Held More than a Year

10/26/18 - Morning Brief: Trump Considers Banning Entry of Migrants at the Southern Border

10/25/18 - Morning Brief: Law Enforcement in Nationwide Manhunt For Serial Pipe Bomb Suspect

10/24/18 - Morning Brief: Trump Takes Steps to Punish Saudi Arabia, Says Saudi Account of Khashoggi Killing is ‘Worst Cover-Up’ in History

10/23/18 - Morning Brief: Erdogan Says Khashoggi's Killing Was Premeditated

10/22/18 - Morning Brief: Trump Administration to Withdraw from Landmark Arms Treaty

10/19/18 - Morning Brief: In Shift on Khashoggi Killing, Trump Edges Closer to Acknowledging a Saudi Role

10/18/18 - Morning Brief: Source Says Pompeo Warns Saudi Prince as Trump Pushes Back on Khashoggi Criticism

10/17/18 - Morning Brief: Mueller Ready to Deliver Key Findings in Trump Probe

10/16/18 - Morning Brief: Saudi Arabia Reportedly Preparing to Admit Khashoggi Was Killed During Interrogation

10/15/18 - Morning Brief: U.S. Weapons Systems Suffer From Critical Cyber Vulnerabilities, Report Finds

10/12/18 - Morning Brief: Turks Say They Have Audio And Video Recordings of Khashoggi Killing

10/11/18 - Morning Brief: Intelligence Suggests Crown Prince Sought To Lure Khashoggi Back To Saudi Arabia To Detain Him

10/10/18 - Morning Brief: Nikki Haley to Resign as U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations

10/9/18 - Morning Brief: Migrant Children Held in Detention Face Immigration Courts

10/8/18 - Morning Brief: Top Turkish Police Say Missing Saudi Journalist Was Killed in Consulate

10/5/18 - Morning Brief: Trump Administration Releases New Counterterrorism Strategy

10/4/18 - Morning Brief: Judge Blocks Trump Administration From Deporting 300,000 Immigrants

10/3/18 - Morning Brief: International Court of Justice Orders U.S. to Lift Some Iran Sanctions

10/2/18 - Morning Brief: White House Authorizes FBI to Expand Kavanaugh Probe

10/1/18 - Morning Brief: Fight Over Kavanaugh Intensifies Amid Confusion Regarding Limits of FBI Investigation

09/28/18 - Morning Brief: Kavanaugh and Accuser Testify, Vote on Nomination Expected to Move Forward

09/27/18 - Morning Brief: Fight Over Kavanaugh Heats Up Amid New Allegations Ahead of Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing

09/26/18 - Morning Brief: At U.N., Trump Defends “America First,” Sticks to Hardline Foreign Policy

09-25/18 - Morning Brief: National Security Advisor Says U.S. Forces Will Stay In Syria Until Iran Departs

09/24/18 - Morning Brief: Dr. Christine Blasey Ford Reaches Deal to Testify on Kavanaugh; Second Woman Alleges Sexual Misconduct

09/21/18 - Morning Brief: U.S. Sanctions Chinese Military For Buying Weapons From Russia

09/20/18 - Morning Brief: U.S. Ready To Resume Negotations With North Korea

09/19/18- Morning Brief: Democratic Lawmakers Criticize Declassification of Russia Documents

09/18/18- Morning Brief: Senate Committee To Hold Public Hearing With Kavanaugh, Accuser Over Sexual Assault Allegation

09/17/18- Morning Brief: Ranking Member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Senator Dianne Feinstein, Urges FBI Probe of Kavanaugh Allegations

09/14/18- Morning Brief: U.S. To Reconsider Asylum For Separated Migrant Families

09/13/18 - Morning Brief: Trump Administration Defends Saudi Coalition's Conduct in Yemen

09/12/18 - Morning Brief: Trump Threatens Sanctions on Foreigners Accused of Interfering in U.S. Elections

09/11/18 - Morning Brief: U.S., UK, France Warn of Coordinated Strikes if Chemical Weapons Used in Syria

09/10/18 - Morning Brief: Papadopoulos Sentenced to 14 Days in Jail for Lying to FBI in Mueller Probe; Alleges Sessions Supported Meeting Between Trump and Putin

09/7/18 - Morning Brief: U.S. Charges North Korean Over WannaCry, Sony Cyberattacks

09/6/18 - Morning Brief: UK Charges Two Russians With Attempted Murder of Sergei Skripal

09/5/18 - Morning Brief: Kavanaugh Confirmation Hearings Open to Chaos, Pushback from Senate Democrats

09/4/18 - Morning Brief: Trump, U.S. Officials Warn Against Regime Offensive in Syria's Idlib

08/31/18 - Morning Brief: Trump Administration May Send Captured ISIS Fighters to Iraq and Guantanamo

08/30/18 - Morning Brief: U.S. Soldier Pleads Guilty To Attempting To Support ISIS

08/29/18 - Morning Brief: U.S. Rejects UN Court Jurisdiction Over Iran Sanctions

08/28/18 - Morning Brief: Judge in 9/11 Case at Guantanamo Announces Retirement

08/27/18 - Morning Brief: U.S. Imposes New Sanctions on Russia, Urging Change in Behavior From Moscow

08/24/18 - Morning Brief: Pompeo To Make Fourth Visit To North Korea With Newly Appointed Special Representative

08/23/18 - Morning Brief: ISIS Leader Calls For More Attacks Against The West In Alleged Recording

08/22/2018 - Morning Brief: Manafort Guilty on 8 Counts, Mistrial Declared on 10 Others

08/21/18 - Morning Brief: Microsoft Says It Discovered A Russian Operation Targeting U.S. Political Institutions

08/20/18 - Morning Brief: Judge Bars Statements Made By Guantanamo Detainees During FBI Interrogations

08/17/18 - Morning Brief: Trump Administration Forms New Team to Lead U.S. Policy on Iran

08/16/18 - Morning Brief: Trump Revokes Security Clearance of Former CIA Director John Brennan

08/15/18 - Morning Brief: Trump Claims Authority to Override Provisions Set by Congress in Defense Bill

08/14/18- Morning Brief: London Driver Arrested on Suspicion of Terrorism After Crashing Into Barrier Outside Parliament

08/13/18 - Morning Brief: North and South Korea Agree To Hold Summit in September

08/10/18 - Morning Brief: Kavanaugh Offered to Help Bush Administration on Testimony About Monitoring Conversations of Terror Suspects

08/09/18 - Morning Brief: Australia Strips Citizenship From Five ISIS Supporters Captured in Syria

08/08/18 - Morning Brief: Leaked Document Reveals Putin Lobbied Trump on Arms Control

08/07/18 - Morning Brief: Members of ISIS Beatles Cell Dispute Extradition to the U.S.

08/06/18 - Morning Brief: Tensions Surface Between U.S. and North Korea Over Denuclearization

08/03/18 - Morning Brief: U.S. Intelligence Officials Warn of Pervasive Russian Efforts to Disrupt 2018 Elections

08/02/18 - Morning Brief: Mueller Offers to Limit Questions for Trump in Latest Effort to Secure Presidential Interview

08/01/18 - Morning Brief: Facebook Identifies Active Political Influence Campaign Using Fake Accounts

07/31/18 - Morning Brief: Trump Threatens Government Shutdown Over Border Security

07/30/18 - Morning Brief: TSA Program Has Conducted Secret In-Flight Monitoring of U.S. Citizens For Years

07/27/18 - Morning Brief: Hundreds of Migrant Children Remain in Custody as Many Families are Reunited at Court Deadline

07/26/18 - Morning Brief: Pompeo Defends Trump Administration's Foreign Policy in Senate Testimony

07/25/18 - Morning Brief: Americans Accused of Supporting ISIS in Syria Transferred to the U.S. for Prosecution

07/24/18 - Morning Brief: Trump Weighs Ending Security Clearances for Ex-Officials Who Criticized Him

07/23/18 - Morning Brief: FBI Releases FISA Warrant For Former Trump Campaign Aide Carter Page

07/20/18 - Morning Brief: American ISIS Member Captured In Syria To Be Transferred To U.S. For Prosecution

07/19/18 - Morning Brief: Facebook to Remove Misinformation That Incites Violence

07/18/18 - Morning Brief: Facing Criticism, Trump Says He Misspoke in Press Conference With Putin

07/17/18 - Morning Brief: Trump Casts Doubt on U.S. Intelligence Agencies in Press Conference With Putin

07/16/18 - Morning Brief: Russian Agency Indicted By Mueller May Be Behind Skripal Poisoning

07/12/18 - Morning Brief: Trump Suggests NATO Allies Should Double Defense Spending Goal

07/11/18 - Morning Brief: Trump Renews Push For Allies to Increase Defense Spending at NATO Summit

07/10/18 - Morning Brief: Trump Nominates Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court

07/9/18 - Morning Brief: Trump Administration Says More Time Needed to Reunite Migrant Families

06/29/18 - Morning Brief: Trump Expected to Seek Putin's Help in Syria at Summit

06/28/18 - Morning Brief: Trump And Putin Agree to Hold Summit in July

06/27/18 - Morning Brief: Federal Judge Orders Trump to Reunite Migrant Families Within 30 Days

06/26/18 - Morning Brief: Former Bin Laden Bodyguard Detained After Years of Living in Germany

06/25/18 - Morning Brief: Trump Calls for Depriving Immigrants Crossing the Border of Due Process

06/22/18- Morning Brief: Pentagon Agrees to Hold 20,000 Migrant Children on Military Bases

06/21/18 - Morning Brief: Trump Signs Executive Order Halting Family Separations

06/20/2018 - Morning Brief: As Outrage Over Family Separation Grows, Trump Sidesteps Issue in Talks with GOP

06/19/2018 - Morning Brief: Senators Split Over DOJ's FBI Report

06/18/2018 - Morning Brief: Taliban Leaders Reject Ceasefire Extension

06/15/2018 - Morning Brief: Inspector General Says Comey Was ‘Insubordinate’ But Finds No FBI Bias in Clinton Email Probe

06/14/2018 - Morning Brief: U.S. Seeks ‘Major Disarmament’ of North Korea During Trump’s Term

06/13/2018 - Morning Brief: Saudi-Led Forces Begin Attack on Yemen Port City

06/12/2018 - Morning Brief: Trump and Kim Vow 'Complete Denuclearization' of Korean Peninsula; U.S. Suspends Military Exercises

06/11/2018 - Morning Brief: U.S. and North Korea Try to Hammer Out Last-Minute Details for Summit

06/08/2018 - Morning Brief: Former Senate Intelligence Aide Indicted in DOJ Leak Case

06/07/2018 - Morning Brief: U.S. Plans to Release Detained American Enemy Combatant into Syria

06/06/2018 - Morning Brief: Senators Voice Concern About Easing Pressure on North Korea