Justice Initiative

The CNS Justice Initiative is an ongoing private policy series that convenes leading national security professionals to discuss various legal and policy challenges in the area of national security.

Affiliated Events

A Domestic Terrorism Statute: Today’s Challenge

July 2019

With Mary McCord

Moot Hearing: Al-Nashiri Argument

March 2019

With Michel Paradis

Paracha and Dimaya Decisions, 924C Convictions

August 2018

With Joshua Dratel

Domestic Terrorism Project Remarks

September 2017

With Andrew Dalack

Domestic Terrorism: Legal Architecture for Investigations and Prosecutions

April 2017

With Thomas Brzozowski

Terrorism as a Matter of Law, Intelligence & Terrorism Investigations: Challenges for the Courts, and the Defendant’s Perspective

February 2017

With Stanley Arkin, Nick Lewin, Jonathan Hafetz