A Spymaster Steps Out of the Shadows


On June 4, John Brennan, the former C.I.A. director, made the long drive from suburban Virginia to New Jersey. He had plans to dine with his brother and an old high school friend. The evening would be a respite from Brennan’s public feud with the president of the United States, whom Brennan unfailingly refers to as “Mr. Trump.” A few days before, Brennan wrote an op-ed calling Trump “a snake-oil salesman.” The paper’s editors tried to persuade Brennan to use the word “president,” but Brennan refused. “I said no, I’m not going to refer to him as ‘president,’ ” Brennan told me. “Because he doesn’t deserve that, in my mind. Yes, he won the most electoral votes. But I think he has demonstrated, over and over again, that he is unfit to carry out the responsibilities of that office.” Trump fired back at Brennan a few hours after the op-ed was published, tweeting out a quote from a former Secret Service agent who had appeared on “Fox & Friends.” Brennan was both a “liar” and “a liar about being a liar,” the guest said. Read More 

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Karen Greenberg