CNS Women’s Group


The CNS Women’s Group engages a group of roughly forty women with professions and interests in: policy, national security, journalism, the arts, and academia. The group meets periodically to discuss current issues and regularly invites distinguished speakers to lead topic-specific conversations.

Affiliated Speakers


Anna Kovalenko

Advisor to the Ukrainian Parliamentary Committee for National Security and Defense and civic activist

Women's Group Breakfast | October 2018


Marcia Biggs

Special Correspondent for PBS News Hour
2018 Marie Colvin Front Page Award for Foreign Correspondence

Women's Group Breakfast | November 2018


Francesca Mannocchi

Journalist and Director (ISIS, Tomorrow.)
2015 Premio Giustolisi Award; 2016 Premiolino

Women's Group Breakfast | April 2019

CNS Women in National Security Project

The Children of Yemen Cannot Wait: A Set of Recommendations