Terrorism Database and Publications


Terrorism Prosecutions526
Acquitted / Dismissed / Exonerated18

ISIS Cases in the United States

March 1, 2015 - June 27, 2018
Total ISIS Cases173
Federal Prosecutions163

Federal ISIS Prosecutions

Total: 163
US-Born Defendants92
Convictions to Date115
Trial Convictions16
Guilty Pleas99

ISIS-Linked Attacks in the United States

Attacks with Credible Claims of ISIS Involvement (Including Incitement)11
Fatal Attacks3
Attacks Resulting in Injury to Victims10
Victim Fatalities76


Assailants (Committed Act of Violence During Attack13
Not Prosecuted - Killed by Law Enforcement During Attack10
US-Born Assailants7

Non-Federal ISIS Prosecutions in the United States

In addition to the cases in the Federal Dataset, several ISIS-linked cases have been brought in various state courts rather than federal courts, including some that involve fatal attacks. Due to the small sample size and the wide variations in applicable state legal standards, state cases are not included in the Federal Dataset.