“New report says most U.S. terrorists foreign born, but check the fine print” NBC News

NBC News reports on the recently released report on terrorism  from the Department of Justice and Department of Homeland Security. Many experts have criticized the report and say that the problem is more nuanced.  Karen Greenberg pointed out that “the long timeline of the report overshadows the evidence — and the effects — of a more recent tactic used by ISIS that has produced U.S.-born attackers. Unlike al Qaeda, which carried out the Sept. 11 attacks, the Islamic State has a decentralized power structure that relies heavily on radicalizing recruits living in Western countries and recruiting lone wolf attackers via social media. [She] thinks they are doing everything they can to justify the Muslim ban, and the unfortunate part of this is the backing away from the homegrown terrorist suspect ... and how to prevent it,. And if you are born in another country and, 20 years later, you become a terrorist, whose fault is that— the country you were born in or the country you've lived in?"