"DHS Assessment: Individuals Radicalized Once In U.S." CNN

“DHS assessment: Individuals radicalized once in US” CNN

CNN reports that a recent assessment from the Department of Homeland Security found that foreign born extremists do not arrive in the U.S. radicalized but rather become radicalized after a few years here. This conclusion is aligned with independent research and counters Trump’s assertion most people convicted of terrorism in the U.S. are foreign born. Karen Greenberg said, "Trump's allegation that the 'vast majority of individuals convicted for terrorism-related offenses since 9/11 came here from outside our country' is inaccurate...for the ISIS-related cases -- which represent nearly 90% of today's terrorism cases -- only one-third of those convicted (and 42% of those charged with terrorism or killed during an attempted attack) were born outside the United States."