"Trump and Guantanamo Bay: Why he may find it a headache" Middle East Eye

Guantanamo was a minor campaign issue and Trump has not discussed plans since winning the White House. Nevertheless, his campaign trail proclamations have been pored over for hints of a future policy direction. Trump’s call to “load it up” with new inmates and reintroduce waterboarding may be rhetorical. The US no longer has big ground operations overseas and the chance of it playing gaoler to large numbers of Islamic State (IS) militants is slim. Karen Greenberg said that any bid to transfer any American charged with “terrorism” to Gitmo would be a worrisome departure from the fair trial rights enjoyed by US citizens. Trump ranks among the right-wingers who are “into the symbolism” of Gitmo, she added. “It’s symbolic and it’s kept open as a reminder to the world that the US will go outside the law to address the war on terror, and many think that’s a good message to send. Ultimately, I think it’s a self-defeating message,” Greenberg added.